Mediktor receives the NODE.Health award for its scientific rigor



AI Platform has Undergone a Clinical Study With 1,015 Patients Achieving A Success Rate of 91.3% Accuracy


Mediktor, the first scientifically validated symptom checker and triage tool based on artificial intelligence, today announced that they have been awarded the NODE.Health award at the Annual Digital Medicine Conference at the Microsoft Conference Center in New York City. The award, the 2018 Best in Class Clinical Studies Competition, focused on discovery, standardization, improvement and sharing best practices in digital evidence.

The demand for proof-based services in digital medicine continues to increase as the amount of digital tools and applications available to reduce inefficiencies, improve access, reduce cost, increase quality, and make medicine more personalized for patients continues to grow.  With no established industry standards to ensure safety and efficacy, companies like Mediktor drive the movement to bring the rigor of evidence-based medicine to digital health.

Mediktor, the first scientifically validated symptom checker and triage tool based on artificial intelligence, launched the results of its first clinical trials, carried out in Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, Spain in December of 2017. Hospital Clínic received the support of “Mediktor Hospital” for patients treated in the Emergency Department. Among the data of the report published in the scientific journal Emergencias and based on the interactions with 1,015 patients, a success rate of 91.3% emerged, compared to the “gold standard” of diagnosis by a human doctor.

The NODE.Health Award was based on this recent clinical trial. This is not only the highest accuracy rate in the market, but also the only clinically validated trial involving participation from more than 1,000 patients.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language recognition technologies, the pre-diagnosis tool identifies the patient’s symptoms in real-time. As with a physician, Mediktor asks a series of simple questions until reaching a list of possible pre-diagnoses. The technology also offers recommendations on next steps according to the medical needs of each patient.

In summary, Mediktor technology rests on three pillars:

Mediktor is a technology that drives patients to the right level of care and makes it possible to reduce access barriers to healthcare: Patients can make better decisions from the first symptoms and the healthcare system can organize its demand and optimize resources to offer a better medical coverage. This innovative tool has performed more than two million symptom evaluations in more than 200 countries, developing an intuition comparable to that of ten physicians with more than 40 years of experience.

Cristian Pascual, Co-founder of Mediktor, stated that “the A.I. pre-diagnosis tools are transforming the way in which people access to healthcare, bringing huge benefits for professionals, patients and Hospitals”. He added: “however, in order to enjoy these benefits, we must ensure the precision and scientific support of these technologies first. In this respect, we are proud to bring to market the first platform of symptom assessment based on artificial intelligence endorsed by the scientific community”.

Vicenç Ferrer, Mediktor’s New York office Managing Director, said “We are extremely proud to receive this award. It’s a meaningful recognition for Mediktor’s interest in scientific rigor, and it encourages us to persist in this strategic line”.



About Mediktor

Mediktor is the most advanced and accurate symptom checker for pre-diagnosis, triage and decision-making support. The technology combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition and patient data to detect symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions, recommendations and even connecting with medical professionals within a health insurance network.

Founded in 2011 by Oscar García-Esquirol, doctor specialist in intensive care medicine and Cristian Pascual, industrial engineer & MBA, based in Barcelona with an office in New York. Mediktor has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, computer scientists, experts in business development and external advisors. The company is partnering with major insurance companies and main referral hospitals across the world, including Münich RE Group, an international reinsurance company, represented in over 30 countries and concentrated on Europe and Asia.


About NODE.Health

NODE.Health (Network of Digital Evidence in Health) is the home for evidence based digital medicine that brings together a network of societies, organizations and innovators dedicated to digital transformation in health.

NODE.Health is the clinical validation network of the digital health industry. It combines the rigor of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) with emerging healthcare technologies to help create evidence-based digital medicine. NODE Members represent a diverse group of academic innovation centers, industry, investors, and entrepreneurs. Combining startup spirit with rigor of evidence based medicine, NODE.Health builds and explores the knowledge base now required to lead global healthcare systems and industry into value based era.


10 December 2018