Mediktor presents the impact of the symptom checker shared with DKV, MunichRe branch in Spain.

Mediktor presents for first time, at the DIA Amsterdam 2018, the impact of their advanced and accurate AI based symptom checker for triage, prediagnose and decision making, partnering with DKV Digital Doctor application for its 800.000 members in Spain, live since November 2017. Mediktor will be presenting the results and key figures of their AI innovative solution at the must-see global insurtech conference, DIA Amsterdam, which will take place on 16-17 May 2018.

Mediktor at DIA Munich 2017

Digital Doctor integrates the Mediktor symptom checker for assessing their members symptoms by answering questions on a mobile phone. The app is “an online doctorthat can be downloaded for iOs and Android, to obtain for free confidential and secure medical advice.

The app also permits DKV clients to speak to a doctor by chat or via online video service that will give medical advice, privately and securely, avoiding travelling and queues. It includes medical reports that can be send from and to a doctor and a disease search engine to obtain information. With this app DKV aims to make things easy for its members and take care of their health.

Mediktor’s goal is to provide health insurance companies with a tool to help manage their member base, offering the service to its members as an additional service to traditional care. The new pre-diagnosis tool of Mediktor is transforming the way in which people access the healthcare system, bringing huge benefits for insurance companies and ultimately the consumer through their membership. The use of Mediktor makes it possible to drastically decrease the costs of access to healthcare and streamline the decision making, both for health professionals and patients as well as for insurance companies, optimizing the efficiency and information management of this process.

The DKV group is one of the largest insurance groups in Germany and Europe. It operates in over 30 countries, focusing its activity in Europe and Asia, and offers a complete spectrum of insurance plans, provisions and services. In Spain, the Grupo DKV is present all over the country, with an extensive network of branch offices and practices, with almost 2,000 employees serving nearly 2 million customers, and it has more than 24,000 healthcare professionals in its medical directory.

DIA Amsterdam, the first and biggest global insurtech conference is designed to connect insurance executives with insurtech leaders, presenting opportunities to learn from insurance thought leaders and tailor partnerships in a collaborative environment. DIA created an exclusive space in which top insurtech leaders could inspire and be inspired.

Josep Carbó, CBDO, and Cristian Pascual, CEO of Mediktor, will present the “show and tell” and will be pleased to see you at our booth. The event will take place on an iconic venue, the Gashouder (Gasholder) at Klönneplein 1, Amsterdam.

We look forward to seeing you.

About Mediktor


Mediktor is a digital health startup with the first scientifically validated health checker based on artificial intelligence (AI). Mediktor combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition technologies and patient data to detect symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions, recommendations and even connecting with medical professionals within a health insurance network. The platform learns from every interaction, developing an advanced intuition. Mediktor has already performed 2 million symptom evaluations in more than 200 countries globally developing an intuition comparable to a full life experience of 10 physicians. The platform, which has undergone a clinical study with 1,015 patients achieving a success rate of 91.3%, is being marketed to health insurance companies to better manage and improve accessibility to their membership base.

Mediktor’s moonshot is to improve access to Healthcare worldwide.


9 May 2018