Mediktor presents at the 4YFN 2019: Mediktor Chatbot



Mediktor exhibits in the next 4YFN inside the Mobile World Congress Barcelona and presents itself as the only symptom checker clinically validated, available in all major interfaces and in 10 different languages.


Mediktor harnesses artificial intelligence to analyze people’s symptoms and provide objective information to help them decide on their next step: Using sophisticated natural language interpretation algorithms, it recognizes the reason for consultation as expressed by the users without the need to use specialized language and initiates a series of questions about symptoms, until a list of prediagnoses is presented and a level of urgency is assigned.

We find Mediktor for web, app (iOs or Android), chatbot, “Zero Interface” conversational bot (Telegram) and Voice assistant (Alexa).


Advantages of the different interfaces:


Our full-screen Mediktor App and Web-app (web, iOs and Android) defines the dialog as well as the possible answers (a range of possible answers) and through artificial intelligence algorithms, it guides the patient’s interrogation in a similar way to how a doctor would do it.


The Mediktor Chatbot is more open (it allows the user to interact freely with the bot), where artificial intelligence systems (Natural Language Processing engines) are used to process the information (the input) of the users who write to the bot, to propose them an answer. In this new interface where we can find Mediktor, the chatbot enhances its intuition and improves usability, offering the users more options and facilitating them the process of answering the bot’s questions.


With Mediktor for Telegram, the user experience is super-fast and simple, there is no registration or login process and there is no new user interface to learn.


In the case of the Alexa’s Mediktor skill, advances in the field of machine learning and voice control have made voice interfaces far more practical in recent years, and this is making it easier to communicate with the devices around us.


The development of artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our lives, its evolution has been enormous in recent years; thanks to this, the conversational bots have taken a leap in quality, adjusting much more to each individual user and proportionally opening the range of what can be done and how.


Besides this, and with the intention of reaching more countries, Mediktor is now available in 10 languages: Spanish, LATAM Spanish, British English, American English, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, Greek, French, Catalan and Chinese.


Mediktor’s mission is to direct a person who has symptoms towards the most appropriate level of care in the simplest possible way, anytime and anywhere.



About Mediktor

Mediktor is the most advanced and accurate symptom checker for pre-diagnosis, triage and decision-making support. The technology combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition and patient data to detect symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions, recommendations and even connecting with medical professionals within a health insurance network.

Founded in 2011 by Dr. Oscar García-Esquirol, doctor specialist in intensive care medicine and Cristian Pascual, industrial engineer & MBA, based in Barcelona with an office in New York. Mediktor has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, computer scientists, experts in business development and external advisors. The company is partnering with major insurance companies and main referral hospitals across the world, including Münich RE Group, an international reinsurance company, represented in over 30 countries and concentrated on Europe and Asia.


About 4YFN

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22 February 2019