Mediktor and MAPFRE share their partnership experience at the DIA AMSTERDAM festival


Mediktor and MAPFRE present at the largest “must-see” insurtech festival the lessons learned about the challenges of building partnerships between startups and corporations.

Mediktor is pleased to present the next 25th of June at the DIA AMSTERDAM 2019 its partnership with the newest MAPFRE’S digital platform offering health care services called Savia, launched in Spain.

Savia has arrived to streamline access to health care by providing a set of personalized prevention and control services. The platform allows the users to take control of their health from any device, immediately and flexibly. The app can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they have or not health insurance, no strings attached, no contracts. Savia gives access to more than 40 medical specialties, offering users a different and personalized management of their health.

Along with this, Savia offers a whole series of health services accessible from anywhere and immediately: video consultation, chat with a specialist or receive a call from a doctor. In addition, Savia allows to book medical tests, treatments and surgeries, find centers to make appointments and includes health-related content for all types of ages and needs.

This project is born from the goal of MAPFRE (present in the five continents and the reference insurer in the Spanish market) to achieve a greater impact in the world of health, demonstrating that the digital revolution has reached this sector.

Mediktor and MAPFRE have signed a strategic partnership to offer the symptom checker service within the application, taking its users to the most appropriate level of care, deriving them to the appropriate medical specialty based on the resulting pre-diagnosis.

Mediktor integrated in Savia will save users time from the first moment they feel symptoms. The symptom checker will give a pre-diagnosis in less than 3 minutes and will recommend the users to chat with the appropriate specialist based on the pre-diagnosis, all within the network of professionals available in the application.

Mediktor helps Savia to get even closer to their patients, launching its symptom checker over voice for Amazon Alexa and Google assistant, offering another possible interaction channel and increasing the age range of users to older people who prefer speech over other channels.

In the DIA session, Mediktor and MAPFRE want to share with the insurtech community one of their most relevant success stories and debate about this innovative business model and also about the lessons learned in the process of building a solid partnership between a startup and a corporation. The session will be presented by Josep Carbó, CBDO and partner of Mediktor, Cristian Pascual, CEO and co-founder of Mediktor and Pedro Díaz Yuste, CEO of Savia.

About Mediktor

Mediktor is the most advanced and accurate A.I. based technology for pre-diagnosis, triage and decision-making support. The technology combines artificial intelligence, natural language recognition and patient data to detect symptoms and offer a listing of possible conditions, recommendations and even connecting with medical professionals within a health insurance network.

The platform learns from every interaction, developing an advanced intuition. Mediktor has already performed 3 million symptom evaluations in more than 200 countries developing an intuition comparable to a full life experience of 10 physicians. The platform has undergone a clinical study with 1,015 patients achieving a success rate of 91.3% accuracy.

Founded in 2011 by Oscar García-Esquirol, doctor specialist in intensive care medicine and Cristian Pascual, industrial engineer & MBA, based in Barcelona with an office in New York. Mediktor has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, computer scientists, experts in business development and external advisors.


MAPFRE is a global insurance company with a worldwide presence. It is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish multinational insurance group in the world. The company is the third largest insurance group in Latin America and is among the Top 10 in Europe by premium volume. MAPFRE employs more than 35,000 professionals and in 2018, the company’s revenues totaled almost 27 billion euros, with net earnings of 529 million euros.

25 June 2019