Hospital Clínic signs an agreement with Mediktor to validate its application and develop a more efficient triage

Partnership Clinic MediktorFrom left to right. Dr. Oscar García-Esquirol, CMO and co-founder of Mediktor; Dr. Josep Maria Campistol, Hospital Clínic general manager; Cristian Pascual, CEO and co-founder of Mediktor; and Josep Carbó, director Global Business Development and partner of Mediktor.


The Spanish startup uses artificial intelligence to improve access to healthcare through prediagnosis and classification of patients, with an accuracy of 91.3%.


Mediktor and Hospital Clínic in Barcelona have joined forces to validate Mediktor Hospital, an Artificial Intelligence-based tool to facilitate and speed up the medical triage. This agreement seals a pioneering alliance with Artificial Intelligence and thus fulfills the mission of Mediktor, based on building up the clinical and scientific validation of the tool.

Mediktor is a technology that drives patients to the right level of care, at any time, reducing access barriers to healthcare: Patients can make better decisions from the first symptoms and the healthcare system can organize its demand and optimize resources to offer a better medical coverage. This innovative tool has performed more than two million symptom evaluations in more than 200 countries, developing an intuition comparable to that of ten physicians with more than 40 years of experience.

Reducing the clinical variability and the risk of diagnostic error, reducing the pressure on the clinical staff and facilitating access to structured data, are some of the main benefits of Mediktor Hospital. Thus, through artificial intelligence algorithms and suggesting a series of simple questions, the tool arrives at a list of possible pre-diagnoses, establishes a level of urgency and suggests the medical specialty indicated for each patient.

Hospital Clínic has already received the support of Mediktor Hospital for patients treated in the Emergency Department. Among the data of the scientific article published in December of 2017 in the scientific journal Emergencias and based on the interactions with more than 1,000 patients, a success rate of 91.3% stands out, compared to the “gold standard” of diagnosis by a human doctor.

This is not only the highest accuracy rate in the market, but also the only clinically validated trial involving participation from more than 1,000 patients in the Emergency Department.



About Hospital Clínic

The Hospital Clínic in Barcelona is a public university hospital with a centennial history. With a staff of 4,500 professionals, it is one of the main centers of medical assistance in Spain and the first in scientific production. It offers a quality assistance, a biomedical research of the highest competitive level and a great teaching dedication to train professionals. All this is part of the excellence of a balanced management, with the aim of offering society a humanized vanguard medicine.

About Mediktor

Mediktor is a startup based in Barcelona and New York that aims to drastically reduce the entry barriers to healthcare around the world. Mediktor has a multidisciplinary team of health professionals, software developers, business development experts and external consultants.

Since January 2018, Mediktor supports decision-making in the triage stage at the Emergency Department of King Faisal Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. Mediktor is helping the decision-making of the nursing staff by reducing the time of diagnosis and the patients waiting times. 


28 August 2018