Barcelona Health Hub is born, bringing momentum to innovation and digital health

Barcelona Health Hub


The Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau brings together companies and startups in the technology and health sector.


Barcelona, October 31, 2018 – Barcelona Health Hub (BHH) was presented today at the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau in Barcelona. The private non-profit association aims to promote knowledge, dissemination and innovation of digital health both nationally and internationally.

Bitac, Community of Insurance, DKV, Elma, HIMSS, Iomed, Marta Gaia Zanchi, Mediktor, Medtep, PharmaLex, Psious and SocialDiabetes among others are some of the companies that participate in the project and moved into the site, which plans to host more than 300 people in companies and startups of the technology and health sector.

Leading this new association, Luis Badrinas has been appointed as CEO, steering it in carrying out activities for developing and promoting the conglomerate, thus becoming a benchmark for innovation and investment in the digital health ecosystem. This is why startups, companies, investors and health organizations have been included. These are the players that generate innovation and accelerate its transfer to the health sector.

BHH has a space of 2,564 square meters in the Sant Manuel Pavilion of the Art Nouveau Site of Sant Pau, an impressive architectural ensemble, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which was the Hospital of the Santa Creu i Sant Pau, for almost a century.

Entrepreneurs and companies that are established in BHH will have at their side the Hospital of Sant Pau, its Research Institute, the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing of the UAB, as well as other centers linked to this great health ecosystem. Thus, it is a fertile ground for innovation and the transfer of technology to the global health system.

The board of directors of BHH is composed of its president Cristian Pascual, and Josep Carbó, as well as Oscar García-Esquirol, Roger Forcada and Rafael Vallet. BHH also has the support of Christina Roosen, who will promote this hub and events internationally, placing this new technological association as a benchmark among prominent international digital health innovation centers.

Barcelona Health Hub will be part of the urban campus project being developed by Barcelona Tech City, a non-profit private association that represents more than 700 companies in the digital and technology sectors based in Barcelona. Both entities will collaborate in the promotion of initiatives related to the life sciences sector.

For its part, the Barcelona Tech City urban campus will also represent an evolution of the ecosystem as a whole, including new locations that complement Pier01 activity. The goal of the Barcelona Tech City Campus, which will be distributed throughout the city, is to combine specialization with a certain transversality to further enhance the digital and technological ecosystem of Barcelona.

5 November 2018